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While Waiting

Bao Buns bread, salmon tartare *, courgette chips, sesame, ginger mayo (6 euro)

Vegetable foil, Mediterranean pink lobster *, avocado, ponzu sauce (6 euro)

Magnum of crispy octopus *, lemon mayo (5 euro)

Cantabrian drying rack: Cantabrian anchovy, burrata mousse (2pcs) (6 euro)

Cantabrian anchovy “Nardin” in 50gr tin, croutons, burrata mousse (8 / 10pcs) (16 euro)


Sea portrait: Normandy oyster n ° 2 *; Norway lobster *; lobster from Mazara *; tuna sashimi *; salmon tartare * with mango and ponzu sauce; crouton with burrata and Alice from the Cantabrian Sea; crouton with salted butter, pink shrimp *, pistachio (25 euro)

Tuna tartare, lime, mozzarella and coconut water (15 euro)

Salmon tartare *, mango, ponzu drops (14 euro)

Octopus tentacle * cooked at low temperature, gazpacho, burrata heart (13 euro)

Red mullet fillets * with thyme, mint and crusco pepper, crustacean reduction (12 euro)

Smoked black angus, dried caper, passion fruit, ginger mayo (13 euro)

Beef tartare, Dijon mustard ice cream, egg mimosa (14 euro)

Aubergine Cannolo with auberugine, ricotta with Femminiello lemon, cream of potato and leek with smoked paprika (10 euro)

Tasting of seafood appetizers in four courses (min 2 people) (20 euro p.p)

Tasting of four-course appetizer (min 2 people) (16 euro p.p)

First courses

Spaghetti pasta “Orobio”, Bronte pistachio cream and his own grains, red lobster tartare *, strips of burrata, lime (16 euro)

Calamarata risotto, shellfish bisque, scampi *, powder of black garlic, lime (15 euro)

Cappellacci stuffed with ricotta and lime, cream of mussels, lemon sauce (15 euro)

Pacchero pasta, yellow datterino cream, Wagyu tartare, caper powder, grotto aged pecorino flakes (14 euro)

Burnt wheat orecchiette pasta with two datterini tomatoes, stracciatella al truffle, smoked with beech wood (12 euro)

Main courses

Codfish * and lobster * takitos tempura, pepper and lemon sauce (15 euro)

Fillet of San Pietro * in crust, crispy vegetables with soy, American sweet potato, reduction to vincotto (17 euro)

Squid * cooked at low temperature stuffed with prawns, raisins, pine nuts, saffron cream, crispy asparagus (16 euro)

Tuna * tataki marinated with soy, chia seeds, caper flower sauce (16 euro)

Sirloin of beef, red fruits, edamame crispy (15 euro)

Duck breast cooked at low temperature, reduction to balsamic, orange, seasonal mushrooms (18 euro)